Your Local Council Candidates for Islington North 2018

Finsbury Park

Ann Boater

Ann has lived with her husband in Islington for nearly thirty years where they raised their children, now adults, in their Holloway home. For nine years Ann took a major role in running the Holloway Branch of the Woodcraft Folk, a cooperatively run community youth group. Ann’s children all went to Grafton School where she was a parent governor. Ann is a primary schoolteacher and has worked in many London boroughs including Islington; she has taught at Pooles Park and Montem schools. Having been made redundant from her job as a Reading Recovery teacher in December, Ann is taking time to strategically challenge the injustices to pupils and staff arising from the Education cuts and the way in which they have been managed locally. Ann is now at a turning point in her career, in a position to take on a new role that uses her creative skills to make a difference for the local community.



Simon Carter

Simon has lived in Finsbury Park for two years and only recently joined the Green Party having become disappointed with the lack of environmental and socially liberal policies of other main parties. He is a physics teacher in East London






Nafisah Graham-Brown 

Nafisah has lived in Islington for 10 years and joined the Green Party in 2014. She works for a London adult education charity as the Head of Life Skills and Community and is a teacher of English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

She is passionate about social justice issues and is currently pursuing a Doctor in Education at UCL Institute of Education with a particular focus on the importance of social interactions to support migrant women settling in the UK.  Nafisah volunteers for a group that aims to provide mosque space for marginalised groups of Muslims, particularly people with accessibility issues.  

Nafisah knows that this council needs to engage with residents better. When she found out a major development on her estate was planned without involving tenants and leaseholders effectively, she made efforts to ensure the plans took concerns into consideration. This action is ongoing. As a councillor, listening, inclusion and openness would be her priorities.



Highbury East


Benali Hamdache

Benali has lived in Islington for four years now. He currently works for a health charity, campaigning to ensure people receive high quality health and social care. In the past he worked for the official Remain campaign- Britain Stronger in Europe.  

As a local campaigner Benali has been part of the efforts to monitor and tackle toxic levels of air pollution. He's also supported the campaign to save Sotheby Mews Day Centre.

Benali is passionate about looking after our local community and ensuring everyone gets the same opportunities and the right support when they need it. This May he's working hard to ensure Islington isn't a one party state and that we have a proper opposition holding Islington Labour to account. 

Twitter: @greenbenali



Ernestas Jegorovas

Ernestas has lived in and around Highbury for over a decade, and around 20 years in North East London. He is an EU national, having arrived as a child migrant from East Europe. He personally acknowledges the big difference EU has made to his life and thus is a strong Remainer.

He has been a member of the Green Party for over 5 years, joining initially to make the education system work better for the most disadvantaged in our society. 

He has worked as a teacher for 8 years, previously Head of Science in an inner London secondary school. Working with pupils whom are the most in need of help.

Previously he has been the Vice-Chair of Islington Stop and Search Community Monitoring Group; holding the police to account and National Union of Teachers representative in a further education workplace; protecting workers rights. This term he's been at more council scrutiny meetings than any current Councillor.

Ernestas has publicly represented the Green party; having most recently stood in an Islington by-election, increasing Green vote share, and in 2014 achieving over a thousand votes in Highbury West. Ernestas has had party roles at local, regional and national level.

As a former council estate resident he believes in investing in our social housing . He wants to make Highbury a healthier place to live and work in.

Twitter @GreenasErnestas


Caroline Russell

I have lived in Highbury since 1992 and raised my children here.  I’ve got to know many people locally as a school governor and transport campaigner, and more recently as a councillor and London Assembly Member.
I have loved working with and for residents of Highbury East for the last four years as a councillor.  Being the only opposition has been challenging – I’m just one Green among 47 Labour councillors – but I’ve put my heart into it and am proud to have provided accountability and balance on the Council, and helped residents bring their issues to the attention of the Town Hall.
Some of my favourite moments include singing on the steps of the Town Hall with creative older people campaigning to save much needed services at Sotheby Mews Day Centre, helping Parkview residents get the new build project redesigned to avoid demolition of any existing homes on the estate and seeing a new zebra crossing installed by the clock tower at Highbury Barn – something I first started campaigning for in 2003.
There’s a lot of work to do in Highbury over the four years ahead: standing up for residents as TfL embark on the redesign of Highbury Corner; making sure that any plans for new buildings on Highbury Fields to replace the tired Bandstand and Oasis cafe buildings are sensitive to the Highbury Fields landscape and needs of all park users; and ensuring that estate residents get a fair deal from the council on maintenance and cyclical repairs, which are running very late.
I very much hope that residents will re-elect me to stand up for them in the Town Hall – and if they do, that after the election I will also have Green colleagues in the Council chamber to work with.

Twitter: @CarolineRussell

Highbury West


Nichola Baird

Nicola Baird has lived in Islington for the past 30 years. She's a journalist who specialises in writing about the environment, air pollution, forestry and increasingly homelessness. From 1999-2008 Nicola worked for Friends of the Earth in their publications department. She's written 10 books including Save Cash & Save the Planet (2005, co-authored) and Homemade Kids (2010) . She also edited Why Women Will Save the Planet for Friends of the Earth/C40 which came out in March 2018. Nicola set up and is the chief writer on Islington Faces, where you'll find 270+ interviews with people who live or work in Islington. She also teaches students at University of the Arts, based at Elephant & Castle.

Locally she's a co-opted governor at Highbury Fields School, where her two daughters went to school. She chairs their Children, Wellbeing & Community committee.



Andrew Myer 

Andrew has lived in Highbury for 40 years and is an environmental/energy consultant and a domestic energy assessor. He has dual British-Australian citizenship, worked on ‘greening’ the 2000 Sydney Olympics and for five years was a Commissioner for a Sustainable London 2012, trying to ensure the London Games met their sustainability targets.

He is a governor at Drayton Park primary school, where he helped raise funds for the new community art block - and to restore the Drayton Park lifeboat - and is a trustee of the Highbury Roundhouse, helping build its exciting new community centre.

He first stood as a Green council candidate in Islington in 1986, and is still committed to making our borough a fairer, greener place.



Lindy Sharpe

Lindy has lived in the area since 1993 - meaning she has had more than 20 years of seeing the daffodils bloom in Highbury Fields. Her two children are grown up now, but in the Barn and the Fields, she still bumps into people she first met in the playground.

Having worked for many years on the sustainability of the food supply, as a journalist, campaigner and now academic researcher, Lindy has both a practical and a theoretical interest in green issues - which for her means living peacefully, fairly and sustainably on our patch of the planet.

Twitter: @HighburyLindy



Anna Portch

Anna Portch has lived in Hillrise since 2014. She  is the new manager of Sunnyside Community Gardens and is enjoying this chance to get to know and work with the community. 

Anna is also a freelance Environmental and Sustainability Educator; she has recently worked on a Clean Air project with Lambeth Schools and on Outdoor Classroom day, which was developed from Empty Classroom Day, which she founded. 

Anna is a member of ICHC (Islington Community Housing Coop) and sits on its maintenance sub-committee. She is also a trustee of LEEF (London Environmental Educators Forum) which is improving the quality and quantity of environmental education in the capital. Anna is dedicated to making Hillrise a greener and friendlier place. Twitter:@AnnaPortch 



Stephen Horne

Stephen has lived in Islington since 1976 and at his present address since 1981.  He joined the Green Party in 2004 because it was, and is, the only party to say that the current economic model is not sustainable and to offer a people friendly alternative. Stephen is a retired solicitor. He used to specialise in Immigration and Asylum for a largely Turkish, Algerian and Congolese clientele. He now does voluntary work for Growing Communities and for the Animal Aid and Advice Charity Bookshop in Blackstock Road.




Bernadette Wren

Bernadette Wren has lived in North Islington for 20 years and has been a Green Party member for over ten years. She works in the NHS as a child and family psychologist. What matters to her about standing for the party in Islington is that only Greens are fully committed to achieving a sustainable society and tackling climate change. If elected, she would want to prioritise pushing the borough to build more affordable and sustainable housing, promoting safer walking and cycling, and protecting residents from poor air quality.





Olivia Brunning

Olivia has been a member of the Green Party since 2015, and has lived in North Islington since August 2014. She is retired, with two grown up children. 

She is passionate about Islington and environmental issues, and has the time and energy to work for local people.




Paul Elliott

Paul has lived in Tufnell Park for 33 years.  He has two children, who both attended local state schools.  Now retired, he previously held senior roles in the financial services industry.  Since retiring he has become more focused on our treatment of the environment and is now of the opinion that, Brexit notwithstanding, this is the most important issue confronting us.  He believes that reforming our attitude to the environment starts at the local level. 

He believes that if we can develop a closer sense of community through the increased availability of social housing, the elimination of crime and anti-social behaviour, and radical improvements to social services, then we can use this as a base on which to build towards greater sustainability.


Eric Fabrizi

Eric is a Londoner by birth and a northerner by upbringing. He moved to Islington a couple of years ago and, as well as being an active environmentalist and liberal, he is a musician. He mainly writes and performs quirky electronic music as well as dabbling in the violin and piano. He joined the Green Party about three years ago because he believes that environmental and economic concerns are the most important on the political agenda.

He has been a council candidate for the Greens before, in 2016, in Calderdale where he was brought up. He has stayed a member of the Greens because he respects those in the party; he believes they are ‘some of the most trustworthy, honest and dedicated politicians that I know’



Bob Barnes

I think that Islington, and Mildmay in particular, is a great place to live - but it's not without its problems. It could be so much better.  I've been along to a lot of council meetings in the last year and paid close attention to the finances - I'm trained in finance and run my own business. I'm disappointed by the short-term thinking behind the council's budget setting process. You can 't run an efficient enterprise when you're failing to look further than 12 months ahead.

I'm also very disappointed in the council's transport planning. There are huge improvements that could be made here to reduce congestion, improve air quality and make the roads safer - especially for children.

The current council is weak because it has no balance and very little accountability. I am standing for election because I want to help bring balance back to the council, which will make it stronger.

I am experienced in financial planning and commercial negotiations within the energy, utility and construction industries within London. These sectors represent some of the council's largest costs. I can bring my expertise to the table and make the council more effective.

Sarah Marks

Sarah has lived in London for 15 years. She writes, teaches and campaigns on issues surrounding mental health, policy and society, and has been involved in improving the Green Party's policy and engagement in this area, in consultation with charities and service-user organisations. She teaches at Birkbeck, University of London.




Dudley Ross

Dudley has lived in Islington 30 years. She believes the Greens are the best party to take care of our world both now and for the coming generations.

Having worked many years improving private housing, Dudley's particular passion is environmental sustainability.




St George’s

Natasha Cox

Natasha was born in London and has lived in the local area since 1998, much of this time spent living in St Georges ward.  During this time she has seen the area change in character. She knows many people forced to move out of the area because of the housing shortage and has a real understanding of the difficulties faced by people living in rented and over-crowded housing.

Natasha is active in her children’s schools and has been helping to organise the Fair Funding For All Schools campaign events. She is also actively involved in the local Tufnell Park Parents group for years, the last two as Chair. Natahsha joined the Green party as a result of the air pollution monitoring work the Parents group did.



Rod Gonggrijp

I have lived in Tufnell Park since 2004 and have two young children going to school here. I know the neighbourhood very well and have been an active resident in the Tufnell Park community for many years. I am a Parent Governor at Tufnell Park Primary School, and was part of the successful campaign to save St George’s Church from demolition. I campaign locally for cleaner air; for safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists and for a good redevelopment of the Holloway Prison site, that reflects the desires and needs of the local community. I am also involved in many community activities and fundraising in Crayford Road where I live.

I am very concerned with crime locally and we have been working with local police to improve their response. If I am elected, I will work tirelessly for Tufnell Park. We will make sure that housing developments do much more than now to deliver social housing and we will do all we can to stop the current crime wave and make people feel safe again.

I believe councillors should be working for and in their community, listening to people and keeping them informed all year round, not just turning up at election time and asking for a vote.


Zoe O'Sullivan

As a resident of Islington, Zoe has become acutely aware of the issues that face our community. Zoe's professional experience was gained in the private sector, but she left to start an agency with her husband, who had previously worked for 20 years in the homeless and social housing sector, looking to create solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges. Their projects have included achieving significant improvements in the environmental impact of companies such as Coca Cola, redeveloping a physical literacy programme for neuro-diverse children and recently working on the development of a Green Living App to change daily habits and inspire action to live more sustainably. Zoe has also worked on a WWF initiative called the Finance Innovation Lab with the aim of creating a fairer financial system.

Zoe has always been concerned about the environment, social housing crisis and education. However, this all became magnified when she had her son. It became clear that we had to do something to help the community that she feels such a part of. It is Zoe's hope to use her network, experience and commitment to influence the changes that are necessary in Islington.



Lilli Geissendorfer

Lilli Geissendorfer lives on Tollington Park with her partner and two young children and has been a Green Party member since 2010, standing as a councillor in 2014 also. She has a background in public funding and policy making, particularly for the arts, and cares passionately about education, green spaces and equality.

She is a volunteer breastfeeding helper for The Breastfeeding Network in Islington and ran the cycle safety campaign 'Londoners on Bikes' for the 2012 Mayoral election.  She feels that being Green is the only way to give real hope to the next generation.  



Zachary Gomperts-Mitchelson

Zachary grew up in Islington, attending school in Camden and gaining a degree in International Politics at Aberystwyth University.  Zachary was previously a member of the Labour Party; he left in frustration during the Miliband era due to the Party’s inaction on climate change, its being in thrall to the City and its refusal to grant fair votes. Zachary is a passionate cyclist and as a councillor would work to make Islington more cycle friendly and clean up the air we breathe.




Robin Latimer

Robin has lived in Islington for 35 years, and on Tollington Way since 1996 with his wife, Ann Boater. They have 3 children aged between 19 and 25 who all grew up in the borough. Robin is a Quaker, a pacifist, and an active member of the Green Party.

He previously worked helping people overcome drug and alcohol addictions. He runs a small charity helping people at risk of offending or homelessness.


Our Candidates 2017

Cllr Caroline Russell AM is standing in Islington North, and Benali Hamdache in Islington South & Finsbury.  Read more about them here.

Caroline Russell and Benali Hamdache