Your Local Council Candidates for Islington North 2014

Highbury East

Caroline Russell

Caroline Russell has lived in Highbury since 1992. She is a walking and cycling campaigner who successfully made the case for 20mph limits on main roads in Islington. She works part-time for the national walking charity Living Streets.

Caroline has been a parent governor at Canonbury Primary School, is Chair of Islington Living Streets, Chairs the Highbury East Safer Neighbourhood police meetings and is a vociferous campaigner for clean air. She led the 2011 community science project that revealed pollution levels on Blackstock Rd that were 75% above EU safety limits.

She believes that Highbury needs a Green voice back on the council.
Twitter: @HighburyOnFoot


Charlie Kiss

Charlie Kiss, born in Paddington to a Colombian mother and English father, started campaigning early and set up a youth CND group whilst at school. Charlie protested against nuclear missiles at the Greenham Common peace camp, which at times meant imprisonment.

Charlie worked in print production management and was a director in a worker’s print co-operative for over six years. After transitioning from female to male, Charlie changed career, studied economics & politics, and gained an MA in International Relations. He currently works in local government housing repairs and is active in the trade union Unison. He is also a member of the Newlon Housing Association scrutiny committee.

Having been homeless, Charlie is passionate about fighting for housing and for reversing the worsening inequalities of wealth and privilege.
Twitter: @CharlieKiss


Susanna Rustin

Susanna Rustin is a journalist, activist, wife and mother of two primary-school age daughters. She grew up in Kilburn, went to Hampstead comprehensive school, and studied at York university and Birkbeck college, London. She has worked in Islington, as an editor and writer on the Guardian, for 12 years, and previously worked for the Financial Times.

Susanna joined the Green party in 2009 and in 2012 was the West Central London Assembly candidate, coming third ahead of the Liberal Democrats. She is against the coalition’s local government cuts and, if elected, will work tirelessly to protect frontline services including social care, schools and libraries.

With a strong track record as a doorstep campaigner, she is committed to boosting participation in local democracy and making services more open and accountable.


Highbury West

Ernestas Jegorovas

Ernestas “Ernie” Jegorovas lives in Highbury West, and has lived in Islington for just under a decade, having arrived in North London as a teenage asylum seeker from Eastern Europe. At school he mentored many of his peers and since University has coached and refereed amateur football for all ages and abilities.

Now a physics teacher at a comprehensive school in east London, Ernie is active in the National Union of Teachers (NUT), and passionate about protecting and strengthening the social fabric that has allowed him to gain a decent job, earn a decent wage and live in a decent home.

He sits on the committee of the Highbury Fields Association - where he also runs an astronomy group for budding stargazers.
Twitter: @GreenasErnestas


Andrew Myer

Andrew has lived in Highbury for 35 years, and is an environmental/energy consultant and an adviser in the government’s Green Deal energy saving programme. He has dual British-Australian citizenship, worked on ‘greening’ the Sydney Olympics, and for five years was a Commissioner for a Sustainable London 2012, trying to ensure the London Games met their sustainability targets.

He is a governor at Drayton Park primary school, where he helped raise funds for the new community art block - and to restore the Drayton Park lifeboat - and is on the board of the Highbury Roundhouse, trying to help rebuild its community centre.

He first stood as a Green council candidate in 1986, and is still committed to making Islington a fairer, greener place.


Lindy Sharpe

Lindy has lived in the area since 1993 - meaning she has had more than 20 years of seeing the daffodils bloom in Highbury Fields. Her two children are grown up now, but in the Barn and the Fields, she still bumps into people she first met in the playground.

Having worked for many years on the sustainability of the food supply, as a journalist, campaigner and now academic researcher, Lindy has both a practical and a theoretical interest in green issues - which for her means living peacefully, fairly and sustainably on our patch of the planet.
Twitter: @HighburyLindy


Finsbury Park

Robin Latimer

Robin has lived in Islington for 30 years, and on Tollington Way since 1996 with his wife, Ann Boater. They have 3 children aged between 15 and 21. Robin is a Quaker, a pacifist, and an active member of the Green Party. He previously worked helping people overcome drug and alcohol addictions. 

Nicola Baird

Nicola Baird has lived in Islington since 1986. Both her daughters were born here and have enjoyed going to school in the borough too. She's a journalist, university lecturer and horse riding teacher, and the author of seven books, mostly on eco subjects. She has real interest in improving air quality for people living in London, and finding out what makes people in Islington love or loathe it here - the subject of her Islington Faces Blog.
Twitter: @NicolaBairdUK

Fran BoaitFran Boait

Fran is Executive Director of Positive Money, a non-profit organisation working to democratise money and banking so that it works for society, not against it. Before joining Positive Money, she was a geoscientist researching carbon dioxide storage. Fran became interested in economics and money creation after realising that the environmental and global poverty crises we face could not easily be fixed without re-thinking how the current economic system works, and how to redesign it.


Alex Rendall

Alex has been a member of the Green Party since 2008 and moved to Islington in 2012. He is a member of the London Young Greens and has campaigned on many issues, including air quality, university tuition fees and LGBT rights. He works full-time as a university administrator.
Twitter: @pinkapple84

Mary AdsheadMary Adshead

Mary is a lifelong member of the Green Party, resident in Islington for many years. She works part time as a therapy assistant. She leads monthly Laughter Yoga sessions, and particularly enjoys being in nature, playing the ukulele and cycling. She also practices Emotional Freedom Technique.


Jayne Forbes

Jayne first moved to Islington thirty years ago and has stayed in the Finsbury Park area ever since. While teaching at a London university she brought up two children, who have now left home. During that time she also became very involved in campaigning on environmental and development issues. As a member of the Green Party for those thirty years, she has worked tirelessly to try and address both local and national issues that affect us all such as greening the area, working with schoolchildren to understand environmental and development issues, supporting residents fighting ill conceived planning applications and many other issues.

She is now retired and has been volunteering and focusing on issues in Africa. However she believe the adage 'think global, act local' has never been more important and is very keen to work with local communities to try to overcome the appalling inequalities in society and knows the only way to do this is by implementing Green Party policies both locally and nationally.


Mick Holloway

Long-time Islington resident Mick Holloway has lived off Crouch Hill, N19, since 1977 and is a Licensed Lay Minister of St. Mary’s Church, Ashley Road.

A qualified Civil Engineer and having looked after his two daughters as a father at home, his career has been with voluntary sector organisations as a senior manager of projects working with homeless people in Islington, refugees in Newham and ex-offenders across London. He now co-ordinates a £2.5m fundraising appeal at Duncombe Primary School where he is a governor.

Standing in local elections since 1998, and coming second to Labour in the Junction Ward by-election in 2013, his political experience includes CND membership, establishing and being vice-Chair of the Beaumont Rise Neighbourhood Forum, and successful local campaigns against unsuitable developments.

Daniel Hudson

Jill Renwick

An Islington resident for over thirty years, Jill teaches English for speakers of other languages at Tower Hamlets College and is a freelance translator. She has been a member of the Green Party for 25 years, because of its commitment to social justice, sustainability and the environment. A keen cyclist, she is also a member of a small band that has performed at various migrant benefit events.


Malcolm Powell, Dudley Ross, and Jon NottJon Nott

Jon has lived in Islington for the past 15 years and worked in the borough for most of that time. He now works as Chief Executive of a national children's charity. Jon is a campaigner for affordable housing and safer streets and works to promote urban green spaces and allotments.
Twitter: @JonNott

Malcolm Powell

Malcolm has been a member of the Green Party for 20 years and believes in giving voters a real choice in who they vote for. He lives in Highbury and works in the City.

Dudley Ross

Dudley has lived in Islington 30 years. She believes the Greens are the best party to take care of our world both now and for the coming generations. Having worked many years improving private housing, Dudley's particular passion is environmental sustainability.

St George’s

Benali Hamdache

Benali lives in Tufnell Park, and works for a trade magazine and as a freelance journalist. He was born in Nottingham, after his Algerian father met his English mother whilst studying for his PhD.

Benali is passionate about standing up for cleaner air in our community and protecting Whittington Hospital. He has also worked on campaigns fighting mental health stigma, and helped set up a charity for young people with mental health problems.

In the Green Party, Benali is part of the Green Party’s national policy committee and has helped put together Green Party policy on banning Wonga’s extortionate cost of credit, and fighting for refugees to have a guaranteed right to higher education.
Twitter: @GreenBenali

Bernadette Wren

Bernadette Wren has lived in Islington since 1975 and in Tufnell Park for 16 years. She is a clinical psychologist and family therapist working in an NHS service for gender non-conforming young people. Committed to promoting more sustainable and less polluting forms of living, she is also a passionate suppporter of a non-privatised NHS, state education, and fair housing policies. she regards the Green Party as the party of choice for these pressing issues for Londoners.

Deborah Maby

Deborah Maby is a freelance journalist who has lived in Islington for 25 years, where she has also brought up her two daughters. She is a long-time local environmental campaigner and is on the committee of the Islington Cyclists Action Group (ICAG), and the community gardening group in the street where she lives. She has been a member of the Green Party since 2001.
Twitter: @DeborahMaby


Stephen Horne

Stephen joined the Green Party in 2004 after retiring from his inner city Legal Aid solicitor's practice where he focused on asylum, immigration, and crime cases for a largely Turkish, Algerian, and Congolese clientele. He now does voluntary work for Growing Communities, and the Animal Aid and Advice bookshop.

Ann Boater

Ann has lived with her husband in Islington for 25 years, and they raised their three children in Upper Holloway. She is a primary school teacher who has worked in many inner London boroughs including Islington, and is an active member of the National Union of Teachers (NUT). For nine years she took the major role in running the Holloway branch of the Woodcraft Folk - a cooperatively run community youth group.

Rosie Green

Rosie has been a member of the Green Party for over 10 years, and has lived in Islington for the last 3 years. She works as a researcher into nutrition, health, and climate change, and is passionate about the environment and social justice. She loves being a Londoner, and believes that the Green Party is best placed to defend and preserve all that is great about the city we live in.

Our Candidates 2017

Cllr Caroline Russell AM is standing in Islington North, and Benali Hamdache in Islington South & Finsbury.  Read more about them here.

Caroline Russell and Benali Hamdache