Council tears up sports hall

10 September 2017

Islington Council has ignored campaigners and pushed ahead with controversial new plans for the Sobell Centre leaving 5 a side footballers, badminton players and others without a home. Over 1,500 people signed a petition against the plans but the council have pushed ahead with building work.

The hall was renovated as recently as 2012. £250,000 had been invested turning the hall into the volleyball training venue for the Olympics.

Caroline Russell with local campaigners

Caroline Russell with local campaigners

Councillor Caroline Russell has been supporting the campaign against losing our Olympic legacy and these professional sporting facilities. She has also been holding the council to account on behalf of local people at council meetings.

Caroline said “It is bitterly disappointing that the council has ignored so many people and is destroying Islington’s Olympic legacy. The council rushed out these plans without consultation leaving users of the centre feeling ignored. I am working to see if the hall can be saved and these world class sporting facilities protected.”

Local campaigners Barry and John said "We wish to ‎sincerely thank Caroline for the tremendous support she has provided over the past few months to the 'Save the Sobell Sports Hall' campaign. As the only non-Labour member of Islington Council She has continued to hold the handful of Labour Executive Councillors who took this ill-fated decision to account."

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