Use your vote to elect Green councillors

1 May 2018

Since 2014, Labour has held 47 council seats out of 48 in Islington, allowing Labour to pass motions without scrutiny, debate or accountability to local people.  Decisions on huge local projects, such as the redevelopment of the Sobell Centre, Finsbury Leisure Centre or Holloway Prison are handed down from the Town Hall without engaging with the people who will be most affected, by councillors used to not being challenged.

One party state

The only opposition is Green Councillor Caroline Russell, who has campaigned tirelessly for local voices to be heard.  The Green Party is a grassroots movement, working in the community to make sure that the council serves the people, rather than rules over it.  Every voice matters, and on May 3rd we have a chance to hold Labour to account.

A one-party state does not represent local people.  A meaningful opposition guarantees scrutiny, and makes your representatives work harder on your behalf.  Neither the Conservatives nor Lib Dems can win big in Islington, but your vote could put more Greens into local council, working to earn your trust, rather than take it for granted.

Vote Green on May 3rd, and make Islington Council work for you.

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