Islington Greens back council plan to declare a ‘climate emergency’

26 June 2019

The Islington Green Party has welcomed the Council’s historic decision to declare a ‘climate emergency’.

The announcement is expected at a council meeting on Thursday 27th June. Islington Greens have been pushing for this decision for many months now, working with other parties and groups like Fossil Free Islington to recognise the seriousness of the climate situation.

The declaration will lead to the borough going carbon neutral by 2030.

Councillor Caroline Russell said the climate emergency went “beyond politics”.

“The Green Party have always been at the forefront of action on our climate. I look forward to working with residents and people from all the groups who’ve campaigned so hard to make sure that Islington plays its proper part in tackling the climate emergency.

“While some actions will need national government resources and powers, Islington Council can and must do all it can within its powers to cut carbon and make our community resilient. We owe it to the young people telling us so clearly that they want a future.”

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