St. George’s By-Election Update

10 December 2019

A council by-election has been declared for St George’s ward on the 12th December.  Residents living in Tufnell Park, including EU citizens, will be electing a new local councillor as well as their next MP.  Caroline Russell will be standing for MP in Islington North and Natasha Cox will be standing in the council by-election.

At the last local election, Natasha almost doubled the Green vote and came within 5% of becoming the Green Party’s second councillor in Islington.

Natasha’s priorities

Keep working for healthier streets and cleaner air:

Better, safer conditions for public transport users, pedestrians and cyclists.

Hold the council to account:

Make sure Labour protect front-line services, achieve good value for public money and listen to voters.

Tackle youth violence:

Protect funding for youth services and push for well funded community policing.

Act on the climate emergency:

Ensure the council is taking swift action to make the borough more sustainable.

Air Pollution Testing Islington

Keep our young people safe:

The impact of Conservative cuts to our police force and youth services have had a deep impact on public safety. People have been concerned about burglaries and seeing people openly carry knives. Natasha said: “I’m a parent and I do worry when I hear news of another spate of youth on youth violence. I’m also troubled by the high number of school exclusions in the borough. As a councillor I’d work to find alternatives to leaving kids out of school and vulnerable to exploitation.  My children have been worried by seeing young people openly carrying knives.”

It’s an air pollution crisis:

Air testing by the Green Party and Tufnell Park Parents has repeatedly found air pollution above legal EU limits. The impact of such toxic air can be devastating to children’s health – especially for those living with lung conditions like asthma. “I’m really concerned by air pollution locally,” Natasha said, “and our Labour council just haven’t done enough. Tufnell Park Primary still doesn’t have a ‘school street’. I would fight for the low traffic neighbourhoods that make our residential roads somewhere children can play and breathe safely.  St George’s Avenue play street is exactly what we need.”

Decent, truthful campaigning:

Natasha is making a “clean campaign promise” for the by-election. She hopes the other parties will join her in committing to a decent, truthful campaign, which respects all parties and their candidates. If you hear anything that doesn’t sound true about Natasha or the Green Party, that’s probably because it isn’t! We are proud of our record of listening to residents, championing their concerns and standing up for what we believe. Please contact us if you have questions about anything you hear.

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