Katie Dawson's press coverage 2006 - 10

27  Apr 2007Islington Tribune

£90,000 poll ‘asks wrong questions’ (Carbon parking charges)


01 Jul 2007Finsbury Park blog

Secret plans for Tesco Metro at Finsbury Park


16 Nov 2007Islington Tribune

Health and safety fears of ‘killer pears’


21 Nov 2007Mail Online

Fruit and nutcases – Council threatens to cut down a street’s pear trees because of the dangers of falling fruit


23 Nov 2007Evening Standard

Every Islington street should have 20mph limit


24 Jan 2008Evening Standard

Boss can make stadium rock (but not too much)


07 Mar 2008Islington Tribune

Banksy keeps flag flying after latest assault on mural


22 Aug 2008Islington Tribune

Growing opposition to trees threat (Guardian trees)


19 Sep 2008Islington Tribune

Fancy growing some veg?  Try calling back in 2088! (Allotments)


13 Oct 2008Green Party news archive

Greens win landmark vote on flood prevention


06 Nov 2008Daily Mail

Row erupts after council officers spend thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on plane trips around the world


18 Mar 2009Evening Standard

Islington welcomes careful drivers with blanket 20mph zone 


18 Mar 2009Evening Standard

Final phase of Arsenal project gets go-ahead after extra time


07 Aug 2009Islington Tribune

Rich and poor kids’ play areas ‘segregated’ (Queensland Rd) 


23 Sep 2009Evening Standard

Arsenal’s grandstand project opens .. but flats aren’t selling any more (Arsenal & social cohesion)


16 Oct 2009Islington Tribune (letters)

Spectre of demolition (Sobell Centre)


13 Nov 2009Islington Tribune

Highbury Stadium footpath to open soon 


18 Dec 2009Islington Tribune (letters)

‘Harvest our street trees’


Dec 2009Islington Tribune

‘We’ll defy footy ban at Fields’


Dec 2009Islington Tribune

Cost of trying to cut home fuel bills: £400 admin fee (solar panels)


Dec 2009Islington Tribune

Politicians united in opposition (Whittington)


Jan 2010Islington Tribune (letters)

Shop size a core issue


Jan 2010Islington Tribune

Drivers left to speed in 20mph zones


29 Jan 2010Islington Tribune

Arsenal fence will eat away at our gardens, neighbours complain


05 Feb 2010Islington Tribune

‘Shocking’ plans to build on Bennet Court estate playground are thrown out


12  Feb 2010Islington Tribune

Bright Sparks – shop pops up to save broken toasters (London’s first council-run repair service)


12 Feb 2010Camden New Journal

Highbury Square developers ‘stalling’ on public footpath access


05 Mar 2010Islington Tribune

Calls for public to be granted greater access to green spaces at luxury flat developments at Highbury Stadium & City Basin


12 Mar 2010Islington Tribune

Highbury Square path opened to public


19 Mar 2010Islington Tribune (letters)

‘Four-horse polls race’


26 Mar 2010Islington Tribune

Anger at plans to reduce opening hours in Arsenal Tube station


02 Apr 2010Islington Tribune

Glasses raised as walkers win right to stroll in park by canal


09 Apr 2010Islington Tribune

Everything to play for as Islington Town Hall battle opens on all fronts


16 Apr 2010Islington Tribune (letters)

Crossing on the way?


30 Apr 2010Islington Tribune 

Residents fear of people using stolen disabled badges


07 May 2010Islington Tribune (letters)

Confusion over Sobell


10 May 2010Islington Tribune 

Islington Green party manifesto launch


04 Jun 2010Islington Tribune (letters)

Fresh threat to our gem (NCH)


25 Jun 2010Islington Tribune

Repair service launch (Katie Dawson’s ‘extraordinary legacy’)


30 Jul 2010Islington Tribune (letters)

Take action on speeding


03 Sep 2010Islington Tribune (letters) 

What Katie did best


09 Sep 2010Islington Gazette

A 24-hour booze-up


17 Sep 2010Islington Tribune

Protests over bulldozers at end of Holloway garden


15 Oct 2010Islington Tribune

Bid to save ‘secret garden’ shot down at Islington Council


20 Oct 2010Islington Gazette (letters)

Natural gem is destroyed


29 Oct 2010Islington Tribune (letters)

Bargains at repair shop


03 Nov 2010Islington Gazette (letters)

Sale of cheap booze must be outlawed


21 Jan 2011Islington Tribune

Nature lovers warn that loss of staff could let drug users move in


21 Jan 2011Islington Tribune

Warning that lifting restrictions could result in visitors’ vouchers being sold to football fans


02 Feb 2011Islington Gazette (letters)

Islington Council must get to root of issue


03 Feb 2011Islington Tribune (letters)

Who will protect leafy streets?


22 Apr 2011Islington Tribune

Richmond Avenue fights to save its ‘wonderful trees’


29 Apr 2011Islington Tribune

Barnsbury residents’ tree-saving demonstration


18 Nov 2011Evening Standard

Islington becomes first entire 20mph zone but police won’t enforce it