Katie Dawson: Green Councillor from 2006 - 2010

Katie Dawson

Islington's first Green Councillor, Katie Dawson 

Katie was elected to Islington Council in 2006, representing Highbury West.  

In her four-year term, Katie made a significant impact on the council as detailed below.



• 20 mph speed limits on residential streets

• securing external funding for Monsell Road residents to redesign their street

• Islington's first secure estate cycle shed (on the Harvist Estate)

• securing funding for home zone style improvements for Jackson, Lowman and

Annette Roads

Green space  

• reining in the excesses of developers

• funding for new allotments and new tree planting

• saving Islington trees from the chop


• introducing planning conditions for timber windows rather than PVC

• making Islington the first local authority to have a policy for no net loss of

permeable land

• extra funding for renewable energy installations

• passed a motion for slag (i.e. carbon-neutral) cement to be the preferred 

building material used in all new developments

Lower impact living 

• council-run repair service for everyday household goods

• including plastics in doorstep recycling 

• extra funding for renewable energy installations

• funding for allotments and new tree planting 

Health, security and lifetime education

• safer neighbourhood schemes

• apprenticeship scheme

• free sport for young people

• saving the Sobell

Local democracy

• getting local accountability in major planning decisions taken at East Area. 

Young people

• extending homework clubs in libraries to provide a dedicated place to study