Our 10 pledges for Islington

Elected Green Party councillors in Islington work with local residents to challenge the council to:

Improve council accountability

  • provide livestream access to council meetings to help the community check what the council is doing;
  • push local councillors to hold ward partnership meetings, the meetings they should be holding to update residents on local issues, at least every 4 months.
  • enable people to contribute ideas and help the council develop good plans.

Preserve Islington’s community assets

  • oppose closure of much needed facilities such as Sotheby Mews Day Centre and Barnard Park football pitches;
  • ensure community halls are well used and local communities and estate residents have control and ownership of their public spaces;
  • protect parks, trees and green spaces.

Save Sotheby Mews Day Centre

Caroline and Ernestas joining

Save Sotheby Mews Day Centre protesters

Maintain council homes better

  • fix complex problems in damp, hard-to-heat homes, to make them warm and dry;
  • deliver regular major repairs for estates on schedule and keep residents well-informed;
  • check council progress on fire risk assessment recommendations;
  • investigate and push for an in-house alternative for management and repair of council-owned street properties when the council’s Partners Private Finance Initiative (PFI) repairs contract comes to an end;

Parkview estate demonstration

Caroline, Ernestas and Benali joining residents on the

Park View Estate protesting their damp homes

Build new genuinely affordable homes

  • encourage resident-led redevelopment plans for estates which look at building on garages, roofs and spare land to create extra homes;
  • insist that new developments have at least 50% genuinely affordable housing;
  • support new ways of building homes – through housing cooperatives or community land trusts and oppose the sale of public land for private development.

Make Islington greener 

  • reject any new council investment in fossil fuel assets and divest council funds and pensions away from fossil fuels by 2022
  • boost Islington’s recycling rate through community engagement, which will save the council money by cutting waste sent to incineration or landfill;
  • cut the council’s carbon footprint and reduce fuel poverty through energy reduction schemes in council buildings and homes;

Caroline joining divestment protesters

Caroline Russell joining fossil fuel divestment campaigners

Ensure opportunities for young people and dignity for older people

  • encourage local businesses to provide properly paid apprenticeships;
  • secure a share of the Mayor’s Young Londoners’ fund to support victims of violence and knife crime and their families in Islington;
  • push for a public health approach to tackling knife crime;
  • ensure everyone who needs it gets a social care assessment that is respectful and delivers the support they need;
  • make sure information about adult social care services is easily accessible both online and in print;
  • resist government cuts to schools and encourage schools to work together to deliver the best education possible.

Tackle systematic inequalities in our borough

  • challenge current stop and search tactics that unfairly target BAME communities;
  • ensure all workers who provide council services are paid the London Living Wage and have secure contracts;
  • address workplace discrimination against women and BAME workers by promoting fair recruitment practices, the London Living Wage and elimination of gender and BAME pay gaps across Islington;
  • bring communities together to oppose all forms of intolerance through community and multi faith engagement;
  • tackle the barriers to recruitment facing women and BAME workers by encouraging adoption of anonymous CVs by Islington employers.

Clean up our air

  • campaign for the Ultra-Low Emission Zone to include Islington as soon as possible and by 2020 at the latest;
  • bid for Transport for London funding for resident-led low traffic liveable neighbourhoods - to enable people from 3 to 103 years old to walk and cycle in safety;
  • help communities set up school streets, play streets and anti-idling enforcement;
  • reduce car use to cut pollution and congestion and help people build physical activity into their daily journeys.

Air pollution testing

Caroline Russell, Rod Gonggrijp and Ernestas Jegorovas and

Islington Green members testing air pollution

Make our streets safe for walking and cycling

  • back the Mayor’s ‘Vision Zero’ approach to reducing road danger in London - aim for zero deaths or serious injuries on Islington streets;
  • build 10km of protected cycle tracks here in the next council term;
  • prioritise the needs of people to cross the road and cycle in safety over the convenience of people in vehicles;
  • install more secure on-street bike parking – and reduce the currently punitive costs to use it.

Support our local shopping streets and businesses

  • support local supply chains by increasing the number of council contracts with small and micro businesses;
  • shine a light on poor payment practice and ensure that council contractors pass on the payment terms of their contract to all subcontractors and suppliers – by writing these terms into contracts and monitoring their implementation;
  • support calls for an inner London Small Business Rate relief threshold that takes account of the high cost of trading in London.

Caroline at business

Caroline visiting local businesses on Blackstock Road