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London Green Manifesto 2021

The London Assembly Elections are only a few weeks away, and with London having declared a climate emergency now more than ever your vote for a Green future matters.

Siân Berry is currently in 3rd place for the race for Mayor, and in the London Assembly the race is on to get more Green Assembly members elected to help build a sustainable, fair future for the city.  If elected she pledges to:

  • Invest in more green energy and jobs, with warmer homes and new funding to cut fuel poverty.
  • Protect green spaces, stop using pesticides, improve woods and wetlands across the city, and create new parks and greener streets
  • Reduce traffic and cancel the Silvertown Tunnel, investing instead in healthy streets, walking, cycling, better buses and new public transport links, with a single transport zone for tube and rail to help everyone in outer London pay less for travel.
  • Campaign for the power to introduce rent controls across London and acquire homes for key workers.
  • Support workers with a new London Living Wage at £14 an hour and flexible, family-friendly standards for employers to meet.
  • Protect civil libertie and hold back police powers, stop the use of facial recognition and roll back the increase in stop and search.

… as well as so much more.  You can read the full manifesto here.

The London Elections aren’t like other elections – it’s one of the few elections where a fairer voting system than the obsolete first past the post means we have a real chance to elect Green representatives who can make a big difference to the city.  Every Green vote is a vote for sustainability, fresh thinking and much-needed change.  Please support us on May 6th.