Jonathan Ward for Tollington

16 June 2021

Local Councillor Richard Watts has resigned from Islington Council. That means Tollington will be electing a new Councillor on 1st July. Tollington resident Jonathan Ward is standing for the Green Party. Jonathan is an expert sustainability engineer. He is on the Steering Group of the Neighbourhood Planning Forum and is a long-standing governor of St. Mark’s School.

Zoe Alzamora for Mildmay

29 April 2021

Zoe Alzamora for Mildmay Ward

London Green Manifesto 2021

26 April 2021

The London Green Manifesto for 2021

Katie Dawson for Highbury West

21 April 2021

Katie Dawson is standing as Green candidate for Highbury West

Help Elect Green London Assembly Members

19 April 2021

A Crowdfunder to Help Elect Green London Assembly Members

NOcado - we don't want you here

12 March 2021

Our community in Tufnell Park and Upper Holloway was shocked to find out that Ocado had been given permission to open a 24/7 depot in a small vacant light industrial estate right next to a primary school and nursery. We've started a battle to keep the Ocado depot out of our neighbourhood, with our NOcado campaign - and we're now in the courts.

Dixon Clark Court

08 February 2021

The campaign to save the trees at Dixon Clark Court should be viewed with great sadness. We should thank the determined and intrepid protestors on the site, as well as many others in the Borough, for focussing our attention on the vital need to retain all our sizeable trees for their contribution to our health and to mitigate against the effects of climate change.

Islington Green Party on Housing Recovery

01 February 2021

Homes are a major source of CO2 emissions. To achieve the government and the council’s zero-carbon targets, as well as reduce fuel poverty, we need to carry out ‘deep retrofit’ energy improvements to tens of thousands of existing homes in Islington – comprehensive ‘whole house’ schemes, going far beyond a double-glazed window here and a solar panel there.

Caroline Russell on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

28 January 2021

Islington Councillor and London Assembly Member Caroline Russell on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Caroline Russell Islington Council Chamber

Green Councillor Calls for Universal Basic Income in Islington

25 January 2021

In December 2020, Caroline Russell, Islington councillor and London Assembly member, put forward a motion to the council proposing a pilot of UBI for Islington residents.

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