Finsbury Park Mosque Attack

27 June 2017

The attack on Finsbury Park Mosque was despicable but our community is stronger than one man's intolerance

Guest Post - Reflections on the Election

19 June 2017

Guest writer Paul Elliot looks back on the outcome and lessons of the June 2017 election, first published in the Islington Tribune on June 15th, 2017.

Your Vote Matters

06 June 2017

As polling day approaches, your vote matters more than ever.

The Cost of Brexit

05 June 2017

Prices are already going up, and poorest are feeling the hit the most.

A New Industrial Revolution

04 June 2017

The time has come for a revolution in energy and industry.

Inequality and the General Election

03 June 2017

Britain is one of the least equal societies in Europe.  Decades of neo-liberal policies under the Tories and then under New Labour have left a large gap between the wealthy and the rest of the community.

Benali Hamdache - Crowdfunding in Islington South

03 June 2017

Benali Hamdache has been crowdfunding to pay for freepost to all of Islington South & Finsbury. Please help us spread Green ideas across the borough and reach as many voters as possible!

Pensions and Brexit

02 June 2017

The Tory’s rash and aggressive Brexit threatens not just our economic and social stability, but pensions, retirement, and the quality of life of elder people.

Guest Post - Why I Volunteer

02 June 2017

Sebastian Sandys on why he has been canvassing for the general election.

Caroline Russell - Crowdfunding in Islington North

02 June 2017

Caroline Russell has been crowdfunding to help pay for our campaign in Islington North. Every donation makes a huge difference!

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    Our Candidates 2017

    Cllr Caroline Russell AM is standing in Islington North, and Benali Hamdache in Islington South & Finsbury.  Read more about them here.

    Caroline Russell and Benali Hamdache

    Clean Air Pledges

    Bigger ULEZ, Sooner

    Fine the Cheating Car Makers

    Election Results 2015 Islington North

    Election Results 2015 Islington North

    In the 2015 General Election, Islington Green Party increased its vote share by 7.2% in Islington North- the biggest increase of any party.