Protect public pitches

21 October 2017

It's time for the council to listen to campaigners and keep a community pitch in Barnard Park

Save Sotheby Mews

12 October 2017

Sotheby Mews Day Centre is under threat of closure. The council must change it's mind

Save Barnard Park

12 September 2017

The government has called a pause on Islington Labour plans to scrap Barnard Park's community pitch

Council tears up Sobell Centre sports hall

10 September 2017

Footballers and badminton players kicked out for trampoline park

Guest Post: Protect Live Music

16 August 2017

Redeveloping Highbury & Islington station would be welcome, but we need to protect live music venues like The Grange.

Only 87 homes sold in Islington in May

13 August 2017

Islington housing market is grinding to a halt from a combination of Brexit, lack of supply and extortionate pricing.

Guest Post - Save Sobell Centre

06 August 2017

Plans to replace the sports hall with trampolines are about money over sport. Footballers and many other sports will lose home.

Islington to be hard hit by Brexit

04 August 2017

Researchers at the LSE have released a report claiming that Islington will be one of the areas worst hit by Brexit. By their ratings Islington ranks as likely to be the 10th most impacted area.

Fire Safety needs action

29 July 2017

Action must be taken to reassure residents in Islington that all properties are safe. Greens have pushed for publishing fire risk assessments.

Finsbury Park Mosque Attack

22 June 2017

The attack on Finsbury Park Mosque was despicable but our community is stronger than one man's intolerance

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