2019 General Election

Caroline Russell and Talia Hussain

Thank you everyone who took part in the 2019 General Election, where Caroline Russell stood in Islington North and Talia Hussain in Islington South.  Nationally our vote increased nearly two thirds from 2017, but unfortunately this still only resulted in one Green MP elected, the fantastic Caroline Lucas in Brighton.

Caroline Russell said, “We’re incredibly grateful for the support, which shows how many voters wanted a party committed to stopping climate chaos and staying in Europe.  It’s so frustrating that our out-dated electoral system gifts Boris Johnson a huge majority when 53% of voters across the UK voted for parties supporting a People’s Vote.”

Talia Hussain added, “It took more than 865,000 people to elect a single Green MP but less than 40,000 for each Tory one. It’s really time all political parties, including Labour, supported changing our electoral system to a fairer, proportional system which actually represents voters’ wishes. If you agree, you can sign the already 300,000 strong petition at tiny.cc/PRpetition.”

At the same time, a local by-election took place in Tufnell Park where Green support surged and 2501 people voted Green compared to 2918 for Labour. The Lib Dems received 738 votes and the Tories didn’t stand.  

In the 2018 council election 47 Labour and one Green Councillor were voted into the Town Hall. We’ve long argued that a council so dominated by one party is unhealthy for local democracy and leaves many residents without a voice.  Many people in Tufnell Park clearly agreed in December – choosing to vote for Natasha Cox in the council by-election.

Natasha said “I’m incredibly grateful for every vote. It’s clear many residents agree the council needs more balance and accountability - and that the Green Party is best placed to provide an effective opposition.”

You can find full results for Islington North here, and Islington South here.


2018 Local Elections 

The results are in, and Green Councillor Caroline Russell has been decisively re-elected to serve Highbury East for another four years.  From an 8-vote lead in 2014 to a 666 vote majority in 2018, Caroline’s win is testimony to her years of hard work and dedication to the local residents of Highbury.

Across the borough, the Greens once again came second place to Labour, with the Lib Dems and Tories in third and fourth place and demonstrating again that the Greens are Islington’s leading opposition.  We will continue to engage with communities across the borough and hold Labour to account, standing up for a responsible council that protects the environment and serves local people above all.

Greens celebrating victory at the count

Islington Greens celebrating Caroline's victory in Highbury East


June 2017 Election

Thank you everyone for your help and support with our campaigns in Islington North and South.  Whether you joined us for the first or the fortieth time, we have spread Green ideas across Islington and built a platform for our future campaigns.

June 8th 2017 was the night when Caroline Lucas doubled her majority and Conservative expectations were confounded.  Theresa May was denied her mandate.  

For those who were at the count, it was a memorable and exciting experience, though for all Jeremy Corbyn's achievement, he's still mistaken on Brexit.  He has still not grasped the urgency of climate change and after last night he will be even further away from supporting voting reform.  

Whatever happens now, it is our job here in Islington to maintain the pressure, and we will be updating you soon on our forthcoming campaigns.

You can see the results for Islington North and Islington South and Finsbury.

Greens at count

Benali Hamdache and Cllr Caroline Russell AM at the count with Green members