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Help for Renters in Islington

Despite assurances from the Prime Minister that nobody would lose their home as a result of coronavirus, the Tories are once again showing whose side they are on where private renters are concerned: the landlords.

The always limited measures to protect private renters introduced last year are now being quietly whittled away, and a flood of evictions, both legal and illegal, is inevitable.

What was initially a grace period of six months between the issue of a Notice to Quit and seeking a court order has already been reduced to four months. From August 1 is will be reduced to two months.

Bailiffs are back in action, having been let off the leash from June 1. The courts are once again processing landlords’ claims for possession.

This is because only a court order can remove a tenant from their home. A notice to quit does not mean anyone has to move out, it is merely the first step in a legal process. And only a Court authorised bailiff can make an eviction, and must give two weeks’ notice that they are planning to do so.

It is essential that anyone getting a Notice to Quit seeks immediate advice. The campaigning group Generation Rent has a fantastic list of organisations that offer help. It can be found here:


Your local authority can also help. And if your landlord does want you out, remember to stay put and seek immediate help.


David Brewerton

Islington Green Party