2024 Local Election Results

Photo of a large group of London Green Party candidates and members

2024 was yet another fantastic result across England and Wales for the Green Party, bringing us to an all-time record of 809 local councillors (and resulting in the highest percentage increase of councillors of any party, at 69%). We are also now the largest party on Stroud council, and on Bristol Council, which is incredible news for our campaign to elect Carla Denyer as Bristol Central MP in the upcoming General Elections.

In London, we successfully held our 3 London Assembly seats, and despite the significant impact of the First Past the Post change on our voters, we were just 70 votes shy of keeping our 3rd position in the London mayoral contest.

In the London Assembly North East Constituency where Islington is located, we increased our vote share to over 20% for the first time, reaching 21.4% (a 1.6% gain over 2021).

Join us as we take advantage of these incredible tailwinds into the 2026 elections - we need everyone's insights and skills to bring Green Party social and climate justice policies into being in Islington and beyond.

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