A Green councillor, Caroline Russell elected to represent Highbury East ward in Islington

24 May 2014

Voters in Highbury East have elected a Green councillor, Caroline Russell to represent them on the Council for the next four years.

Cllr Caroline Russell who holds the only opposition seat to Labour's 47 seats across the borough said:

"My primary focus for the next four years will be to serve the people of Highbury East, working constructively with Labour councillor colleagues when they are working in the best interests of residents and challenging them when they fail to do so. Ensuring effective scrutiny and accountability will be hard, especially as a lone councillor, but I look forward to working with residents, community groups and Green Party activists to keep the town hall accountable, support public services and work for a sustainable economy and environment in Islington."

"I will also be a champion for clean air and more liveable, inclusive streets, where walking and cycling are safe, convenient and a pleasure for people of all ages and those with disabilities."

Across the borough, Greens are the second party with 19.2% of the vote to Labour's 55.9% (Lib Dems on 14.7% and Tories on 9.4%).

The full results for Highbury East can be found here
The full results for all Islington wards can be found here

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