Islington, the Green Party and Article 50

15 April 2017

There are over 17,000 EU citizens living and working in Islington, a borough which voted overwhelmingly to remain in Europe.  The Green Party rejects the extreme Brexit which is being pursued by the government, and is campaigning locally and nationally for a better vision of the future.

We are calling for a parliamentary vote on the terms of the deal, as we believe that the EU referendum should be the start of a democratic process, not the end of it.  Once it becomes clear what the terms are of a final deal, we are also calling for a second referendum, so the British people can make a choice on real and comparable futures.

We will continue to campaign for freedom of movement, knowing that our lives are made better by a diverse, open society in which we fight for common human goals.  We value our multicultural community in Islington, enriching our borough, and will always oppose racism and xenophobia in all its forms.

We will fight any attempt to turn Britain into a tax haven for the super-rich, continuing our commitment to end inequality and protect public services for all.  Tax cuts for the wealthy only reduces the money that must be spent on already devastated services, including the NHS, schools and social care.

We believe that European environmental laws have helped in the battle against climate change, and improved the quality of life for people in Islington and across the country.  Clean air, clean water and green spaces for us all to enjoy are a right, not a privilege, and we will campaign to protect our rights to a healthy, fair future.


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