Guest Post - The Love of Elections

5 May 2017

There are only two parts of me that don’t relish elections.

My left foot and my right foot.  But we have come to an accommodation and despite being barely recovered from the abuse they received in 2015 they are ready and grateful to be employed this time round in Islington. Far fewer hills than Brighton they say. 

For most of us, most of the time, “politics” is something other people do.

For most of us lucky enough to have jobs, families and busy lives, we find ourselves too often stuck observing, commenting and complaining.

But when an election is called, all that changes.  Elections are our moment. We knock on the doors of our neighbours. We have conversations on doorsteps. We get people out of the bath. We interrupt their supper. Our lives collide with theirs.

We do politics.

You don’t know policy? You are not articulate? Maybe you’re shy.

Doesn’t matter.

What matters is that when a voter opens their door to us, we are there  to talk to them as honestly, openly and transparently as we are able.

On our own, getting cross reading the paper  and listening to the news,we change nothing.

Nothing we do alone will change the outcome of this election.

But, out on the street together, knocking on our neighbors doors together and speaking to our fellow voters changes us. It changes our perception of our power. And, speaking for myself, door knocking really does make the difference we all want to make.

And who knows?  You might change somebody else’s mind.

The Green Party have done ever so well with one Caroline in Parliament.

Come and join us and see what we might achieve with two.

- Sebastian Sandys

Campaigning in Islington

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