Guest Post - A New Industrial Revolution, by Paul Elliot

4 June 2017

Great Britain pioneered the use of coal in industrial processes.  Later, along with the Americans, we were pioneers in the use of oil for energy, transport and chemical processes.

Now the time has come for a third revolution in energy generation.  It is imperative for our futures that we take a leadership role in this too.  If we do not, the rewards will go to the American, Chinese and European businesses that do.

The Green Party is not an enemy of industrial progress.  We believe in the right progress in energy production, transport and industry.

We believe in the elimination of waste – waste heat, waste food and waste packaging.  Simple steps in this direction would reduce imports and focus production and investment in things we really need.

We believe that pollution is a drain on resources - human resources above all.  Decades of transport policy run for the benefit of the car lobby have jeopardised the health of inner city dwellers and those that spend time driving in heavy traffic.

We believe that investment in fracking and giant, foreign-owned nuclear power stations are steps in the wrong direction.  The future of energy production is in renewable sources.

China and the rest of the world are no longer interested in coal or oil based technologies, but they are in the market for innovations that will reduce waste, control pollution and provide renewable energy.  We need to divert our investment towards these areas immediately.  The Green Party is the only party with policies to do this.

- Paul Elliot

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