Lessons to be learned from poor fire safety

29 July 2017

The fire at Grenfell Tower was a horrific tragedy. It’s clear that lessons must be learned. It’s been alarming to find out that other towers in London are covered in flammable cladding.

Braithwaite Tower

Braithwaite Tower

Here in Islington it’s already clear that there have been shortcomings. Braithwaite Tower (off City Road) has been found to have flammable cladding. The Islington Gazette has also reported that residents put out a petition on fire risks, as far back as 2014. Residents were not listened to.

Residents reported that fire doors and windows wouldn’t shut and that fire equipment was missing. It is unacceptable that fire safety could be neglected like this.

Green Party Councillor Caroline Russell said, “The Grenfell Tower tragedy has proved to be a wake-up call for many councils. It’s vital that fire safety be taken seriously. I’m glad that Islington Council has passed my motion calling for all fire risk assessments to be made public. Residents must know how safe their homes are. Only this transparency can allow the community to push for what’s needed to keep their homes safe from fire.”

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