Green Party achieves greater transparency in Islington Council

27 March 2018

Local candidate for Bunhill, Sebastian Sandys, this week won a victory for public transparency in Islington Council.  Though the public can attend six Council meetings annually, the Budget Council, where crucial decisions are made about issues including childrens’ services, housing and environment, has never permitted residents to ask questions and engage. 

However, following the presentation of a petition on February 22nd, Islington Council is now changing its constitution to allow members of the public to bring questions to the meeting in advance to be put to the councillors.  If approved, this constitutional change will take place from July 2018, increasing transparency and opening up Budget Council meetings to real scrutiny from local people.

Sebastian Sandys, Candidate for Bunhill 2018

Islington Green Party is currently the only opposition party in Islington.   With 47 of the 48 council seats held by one party, the Greens have been working to promote accountability and scrutinize decisions in a borough where Labour’s super-majority leaves many people cut out of the debate.  Without transparency in our Council, local residents are left unable to engage with or oppose decisions, except through grassroots campaigning such as Sebastian’s.  Every Green councillor elected on May 3rd is another voice fighting for a borough that works for everyone, rather than business as usual in Islington Council.

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