Islington Green Party Opposes Privatization and Out-sourcing of Local Government Services

23 April 2018

The Green Party is the only major political party which has consistently opposed privatization across every sector of our country.  Railways, utilities, the post office, prisons, housing and now schools and healthcare are being out-sourced to companies which put profit before the local people they should serve.  Every time a major company fails or cuts corners, the government scrambles to protect business over people, while the price of living goes up, the NHS is starved on funding and local services are scrapped.

As the gap between rich and poor grows, the time has come to change the way we do things.  This is why Islington Green Party supports We Own It to end local privatization. Local councils can lead the way from the grassroots up to show that public services should answer to the public need, and that our hospitals, streets and lives are too important to be sold off to the lowest bidder. 

Read more about the pledge at and vote on May 3rd to help take back the public services that have been ours all along.

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