Fighting a second Sainsbury's on Blackstock Road

17 March 2019




Protesting Sainsbury's

Your Green Highbury Team (Caroline, Benali and Ernestas) joined local campaigners

Islington Green Party has been working to resist Sainsbury’s attempts to open in Highbury Vale police station.

The supermarket chain is again appealing against Islington Council’s decision to not give permission for a new store. This is its fourth attempt – and Islington Greens believe it will be damaging to the local environment and economy.

In 2016, with the active support of Islington Greens, local people successfully protested against the construction of the store – which would be the second on Blackstock Road, N4.

Highbury East’s Green representative Cllr Caroline Russell said:

“Highbury’s thriving local high street is filled with a range of small independent shops and doesn’t need a second Sainsbury’s."

“It’s also clear there just isn’t the space for a supermarket on the proposed site. The plans would create a lorry loading bay, just metres away from a nursery. Highbury residents don’t want the lorry danger, increase in air pollution and loss of pavement.”

We're waiting for the result of the appeal. Well done to all the local campaigners who have gathered objections.