London Green Party launches MEP candidates

19 April 2019

The London Green Party is putting forward a full slate of diverse and experienced candidates for London. The party is looking forward to once again electing a Green MEP who will continue working with other Green MEP colleagues from across the EU.


Jean Lambert has been the party’s MEP since 1999. She is standing down this year and is proud to hand over to Scott Ainslie, a twice elected Lambeth Councillor and Gulnar Hasnain, a former parliamentary candidate for Vauxhall and City Hall veteran.


Scott Ainslie, the lead Green candidate, said “Other parties have been irreparably torn apart over Brexit. Disappointment in how the Conservatives and Labour have been managing Brexit is at an all time high. Voters have a chance at the next election to send a message to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn that they want change.”


Gulnar Hasnain said “By voting Green you’re voting for an inclusive and progressive Europe, an effective counterpoint to the rise of the far right. The Green Party is the only party that has steadfastly stood against scapegoating of migrants and for freedom of movement.”


London Green Party is also crowdfunding for the MEP campaign. Supporters can donate via

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