Two years after Grenfell: still waiting for action

22 August 2019

June saw the two-year anniversary of the catastrophic Grenfell fire. People from across the city marched through London calling for justice for Grenfell to be delivered. However, on this anniversary it is an outrage that the lessons still haven’t been learned. The Fire Brigades Union have warned that we risk sleepwalking into another catastrophe, with many towers in London still lacking the fire safety measures required and inadequate action being taken to ensure such measures are addressed within a reasonable time-frame.

Green Party candidate for Mayor Siân Berry said: “It’s abhorrent that there are still tower blocks in London that don’t have safe fire doors. It’s appalling that there are still buildings with flammable cladding. We need government and local councils to act now.”

In the aftermath of the fire at Grenfell issues have continued to arise with many people reporting that they have suffered from mental health issues and financial stress brought about by their continuing to be forced to live in high-rise buildings with flammable cladding.

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