Greens surge in poll for London Mayor

13 September 2019

In May 2020, Londoners will go to the polls to elect the next Mayor and the Assembly Members who hold them to account. The Green Party is the third biggest party on the London Assembly, and a recent YouGov poll shows a huge swell of support for Siân Berry as the future London Mayor.

Whilst support for Labour has seen a steep drop, Siân’s support has soared, seeing her challenging the Tories for second place in the race. YouGov data from May 2019 shows the Green vote growing by an incredible 9% when compared with December 2018. This fits with a broader national swing towards the Greens, with the outstanding European parliamentary election result, which saw the Greens return over 2 million votes across England and Wales, returning 7 MEPs and retaining Green Representation for London.

With a new campaign and fresh ideas, including an approach which places dealing with London’s growing housing crisis and opposing a third runway at Heathrow at the centre of Sian’s plans, the London Green party has an excellent opportunity to set down a marker and show that London can have better from City Hall.

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