Finally! Green demands for action on spiralling rents pay off

29 October 2019

After years of pushing from Greens on the London Assembly, the Mayor has finally started to  look at ways to get London rents under control. Since being elected to the London Assembly,  Siân Berry has pushed and questioned Sadiq Khan again and again, asking him to campaign for powers over housing in the capital so we can guarantee renters have decent homes, and are protected from unfair eviction and unaffordable rents.

Siân said: “As a private renter in London for more than 20 years, I know how seriously our sky-high rents are affecting the lives of Londoners. The Mayor admits his calls for more powers, and his work to look at rent controls, are ‘long overdue‛ but the fact is he could have taken action on
this from the start.”

“It shouldn‛t have taken three years of pressure while action was delayed and delayed. Not
only that, he has failed to tell me who in Government he has talked with to make these ideas not just warm words but a reality.”

“As Green Mayor I would have sprung into action on day one of being elected, got the evidence to take to the Government, and campaigned hard to win the millions of Londoners and families in private renting a decent, secure home that they can afford.”

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