Caroline Russell and Talia Hussain are Islington Green Party's Candidates for the 2019 General Election

7 November 2019

Islington Green Party is proud that Caroline Russell and Talia Hussain are its candidates to contest Islington North and South in the 2019 general election.

Caroline Russell and Talia Hussain

Caroline Russell has been the sole opposition councilor in Islington since 2014, holding Labour to account on issues ranging from air pollution to access to local services.  In 2018 she increased her majority in Highbury West, while across Islington North the Green Party came second, making it the clear opposition and voice for change.  She is also a London-wide Assembly Member, chairing the environment committee and sitting on the transport, economy and EU panels. 

In a recent interview with the Islington Gazette, she said:  “This election will be defined by the two biggest crises this country faces - Brexit and the climate emergency…. I promise to campaign for the green values I believe in. For voters looking for a party that is pro-European and committed to climate action and social justice, the clear answer is a vote for the Green Party.”

In Islington South, Talia Hussain is campaigning on both local and national issues.  "I'm standing because there are a whole raft of environmental and social issues that the other parties just aren't addressing," she said in the same interview. "We urgently need effective leadership and policies that will address inequality and climate change, by promoting a fair and sustainable economy that's fit for the future.  Islington Labour have failed to act on air pollution, enabling active transport and making our borough healthier and more liveable. Islington needs MPs who will champion the ideas of healthy streets and push our council to be more sustainable."

A volunteer with London Cycling Campaign and Cycle Islington, Talia worked in design and production, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, innovation and the circular economy, and stood as a candidate for Canonbury in the local elections.

The election is December 12th and you can support our campaign here.

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