Clean air and less traffic

4 November 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic our need to stay safely apart means a lot less space on buses and tubes. But if just a fraction of people who usually use public transport got in a car instead, London would become gridlocked and hugely more polluted. That's why we need action to make it easier to walk or cycle.

The Highbury West and Highbury Fields’ ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhood’ will be installed before Christmas, with short-cuts for cars down residential streets stopped by bollards and camera enforcement. These new ‘People Friendly Streets’ will still allow vehicle access to all homes for deliveries, emergency services, bin collection and repairs but will prevent ‘rat-runs’ from one main road to another. A year of consultation will then feed back to the council on how the measures are working.

Caroline Russell, Green Councillor for Highbury East said, “Residents contact me often about too many cars cutting down their roads. The council is making it a bit less convenient to drive so it’s safer and easier to cycle, walk, wheelchair or scoot. I'm working with them to ensure the changes work for everyone.”

In recent years cycle quietways and superhighways have spread rapidly across London. 

Islington has resources for residents interested in learning more about cycling in the borough, including free one-on-one safety training and try-before-you-bike schemes offering affordable access to bicycles. You can read more here


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