Adjusting to the new normal, scrutinizing the council online

8 November 2020

Over the summer Green Councillor for Highbury East Caroline Russell has been pressing the council to re-open key services safely, and we’re delighted that important facilities like libraries are back again, adjusted to meet the demands of coronavirus.

Previously Caroline had asked, successfully, for food markets and cemeteries to be re-opened, and, after more pressure we’re pleased that Islington Labour has now finally made council meetings available online too. The Greens are the only opposition party in Islington, working to hold the council to account, and you can also get involved and attend virtual council meetings.

Caroline said: “I’m so grateful to council staff, volunteers and our community, supporting us all through this difficult time. As well as all its other activities, I’m particularly glad the council is broadcasting its meetings on Zoom. Democracy and public accountability mustn’t be forgotten in these difficult times.”

In line with coronavirus guidance, Caroline is not currently holding regular face-to-face councillor surgeries but you can contact her by email on council matters at

You can ask her to phone, if it helps, or if several people want to discuss a matter over Zoom, please email and she will fix a time.

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