School Streets in Canonbury

12 November 2020

Temporary wider pavements are helping safe distancing at shops, bus stops, etc, but Green Councillor Caroline Russell is working with Canonbury School to help make their one permanent. Even before the 2020 pandemic made social distancing essential to protect our families and loved ones, the school streets project was designed to improve air quality and street safety around schools at busy times, and the present crisis has only highlighted how important these changes are. You can read more about school streets here.

Green Party campaigner and local teacher Ernestas Jegovoras says “This will make it safer and easier to drop off and pick up kids. Let us know if your school’s main entrance might benefit from a wider pavement too.”

During this difficult time Islington Green Party are still working for our community – if we can help you or you would like to hear more from us, please call us or email

Caroline and Ernestas campaign for school streets

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