Holloway Prison Consultation - Not Good Enough

30 June 2020

On July 3rd the public consultation for the redevelopment of Holloway Prison will close. This project is the largest housing development in Islington for over 30 years. It is an opportunity to create something bold that responds to local needs in an environmentally sustainable way. However, having read the draft Masterplan, Islington Green Party believe there are serious problems with many aspects of the redevelopment which need addressing immediately.

With only a few days left for members of the public to get involved at hollowayprisonconsultation.co.uk/exhibitionboards/

Islington Green Party is asking for a significant extension of the consultation period, for more details of the project and greater community involvement in the redevelopment plans.

As it currently stands the draft masterplan lacks enough detail to allow for responses from the public. There is no indication of the appearance of the development from adjacent areas, no detail on the quality of daylight in the units, noise levels along Camden Road, cycle parking, cultural space and community facilities, footpath width or distance between housing and street.

Nor is there any mention at all about carbon emissions impact of the construction. In a recognised Climate Emergency, a building proposal with no mention of its environmental impact is not acceptable. 

Amongst other changes, Islington Green Party supports the call for an iconic and dedicated Women’s Building that does justice to the legacy of the site and the needs of women’s groups in London for secure space. We ask that the London Mayor, Islington Borough Council and Peabody seriously consider this need and provides proposals that meet the expectations set with the public.

You can read our full response to the current consultation here.

Islington Green Party will respond to this consultation and urges Islington residents, community groups and women’s groups across London to join us and in responding at hollowayprisonconsultation.co.uk/exhibitionboards/


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